Cost Allocation & Budgeting

Calculating energy costs used for production and forecasting future energy costs are often the responsibility of production and facility managers. However, without historical data, multiple sub-meters, or an understanding of variable factors such as weather, employee behavior patterns, and equipment efficiency, it is nearly impossible to estimate these costs.

Power TakeOff’s unique energy measurement hardware and software analysis enables facility and production managers to quickly report production costs and forecast future energy costs. This process is expedited by our data export service which allows customers to quickly export meter data customized by date and interval time to a Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet document.

Energy Analysis Software

Our proprietary software allows customers to compare current energy consumption and demand to previous days, weeks, months, years, or by billing period. This model will analyze the difference between the periods being compared and report the percent change. The energy analysis software also provides customers with weather information which can be used to explain seasonal differentiation and abnormal consumption patterns. In the next several months, Power TakeOff will also introduce consumption and demand forecasting based on future weather forecasts. This will allow production and facility managers to plan for and make corrective energy savings decisions before they impact the utility bill.

Isolate Inefficient Equipment or Processes

Often, the most effective and influential technique to reduce energy consumption and cost is to individually isolate and monitor energy intensive equipment or production processes. This not only helps to find costly, inefficient equipment, but it also helps to identify the best equipment and production start-up policies to limit demand spikes and power factor charges. Furthermore, production managers can use this data to estimate future production costs according to projected production volume and equipment time of use.

Since most Power TakeOff customers monitor multiple meters and sub-meters, our software has been designed to simplify data viewing and export. Through our web-based dashboard interface, customers can easily and quickly change between individual meters being monitored and an aggregate of all contributing meters in order to see the 30,000 foot view of a facility or entire production line.

To learn more about Power TakeOff’s software or for a short, online tutorial, contact us by phone at 1-800-303-9890 or click to email us.