Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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We leverage data and software to provide innovative, virtual energy efficiency solutions to utilities and their business customers; for people and the planet.


Taking care of our employees is a top priority for us. At Power TakeOff, we work to provide benefits that support our team for the long haul.

✓Vacation Time & Paid Holidays

✓ Family Care Benefits

✓ 401(k) Retirement Plan with Company Match

✓ Tuition Reimbursement

✓ Medical Insurance Plan

✓ Employee Referral Award

✓ Dental Insurance Plan

✓ Vision Insurance Plan

✓ Health Savings Account

✓ RTD Eco-Pass

✓ Work From Home Flexibility


Vacation Time & Paid Holidays


Family Care Benefits


401(k) Retirement Plan with Company Match


Tuition Reimbursement


Medical Insurance Plan


Employee Referral Awards


Dental Insurance Plan


Vision Insurance Plan


Health Savings Account


RTD Eco-Pass


Work From Home Flexibility

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Energy Advisors are vital to the success of the Virtual Commissioning Program, designed and implemented by Power TakeOff. The primary role of the Energy Advisor position is to analyze interval (60, 30, and 15-minute) smart meter electricity data, building information, and prospective business customer account information to identify low and no-cost operational energy savings opportunities. 

Once an opportunity is identified, you will engage the utility-partner customers through email and phone calls to provide recommendations and necessary remote support for the participants to implement energy saving actions. After the participant has implemented the recommended changes, you will monitor their smart meter data and work with our internal Measurement and Verification team to confirm the immediate and continuation of savings. 

Additional responsibilities include:

• Listen to and collect participant feedback to provide Power TakeOff’s Product Development team information to enhance Power TakeOff’s program offering. 

• Assist in the creation of marketing material to help generate interest and share energy savings impacts.

• Refer participants to other energy efficiency programs, when applicable.

Overall, the most successful team members are:

• Have some experience with account and/or customer relationship management

• Adopt reliable and consistent organizational and time management practices

• Invested in making a positive environmental impact

• Good teammates because they confer with others, improve through feedback, delegate appropriate tasks

• Outgoing in that they enjoy phone outreach to prospective participants

• Communicative because they speak clearly, openly, and honestly with a goal to improve their own and their teammates’ performance

• Goal-oriented and interested in working a strategy towards defined, achievable goals

• Creative in their approach to problem-solving

• Patient with the time it takes to see results

• Flexible in that they are ready and able to change direction

Your Salary & Benefits:

• The base salary for this position will vary based on geography, experience, and other factors. In accordance with Colorado law, the base salary for this role if filled within Colorado is $45,000 -$60,000

• Health insurance coverage through the Company’s plan with a $5 monthly co-pay

• Monthly Company Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution match, up to the pro-rated IRS contribution limit

• 12.5 paid vacation days

• 9 paid holidays

• 6 flexible wellbeing days

• 6 remote flex days

• Retirement savings plan with company match

• RTD EcoPass (to support cleaner transportation)

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to joe.peluso@powertakeoff.com describing your experience, interest, and what you will bring to the company and this position. Applications without cover letters may not be considered.