Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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M&V 2.0 / NMEC

Non-residential ‘at the meter’ energy efficiency measurement.

Out of a need to deliver its own 100% pay for performance SMB program, Power TakeOff has designed and built an industry leading non-residential normalized meter energy consumption platform. Used to verify ‘at the meter’ program results at ComEd, SCE, DTE Energy, BC Hydro, Ameren IL, and SDG&E, Power TakeOff’s M&V 2.0 services are the industry standard for accurate, timely, and industry accepted practices.

Automatically measure monthly, daily, and hourly savings.

Power TakeOff’s M&V team is also able to accommodate utility requests for custom M&V modeling sets or even CalTRACK methodology when less sophisticated modeling is needed. Our commitment to transparent methodology ensures utilities, commission staff, evaluators, and financially invested implementers know and understand how their success will be evaluated in an open forum.

Ensuring persistence of savings.

Beyond measurement, Power TakeOff’s M&V platform actively monitors incoming data for energy usage anomalies that fall outside of expected saving parameters. Our ‘Drift Detection Alerts’ notify program implementers of possible reduction in claimed energy savings or non-routine events (NRE). Empowered with data, implementers are able to quickly contact program participants to restore previously achieved savings. This real-time feedback loop helps ensure the persistence of savings and quality of program results to establish long term effective useful life of savings.