Energy Advisor Helps Businesses Realize Energy Savings

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Interval meter data provides detailed insight into energy usage.

Receive Personalized Action Plans

Energy Advisors work with the business to develop custom action plans to realize identified saving opportunities.

Low-cost & Continuous MBCx Process

Once savings have been documented and verified, our Energy Advisors repeatedly engage participants to realize deeper and sustainable energy savings.

Automated & Accurate M&V

Power TakeOff’s trusted M&V approach and processes have been verified by industry leading third party evaluators.

Utilities turn to Power TakeOff to leverage their smart meter investment into verified energy savings across all non-residential industries and markets from small to large businesses and public institutions. Our unique Energy Advisor services follows a MBCx process that prioritizes low and no-cost energy saving operational and maintenance adjustments. Using our advanced Energy Management & Intelligence Software, Energy Advisors are able to quickly identify energy saving opportunities, develop personalized action plans with the business participant, and help document all implemented changes which are automatically verified through our normalization engine adjusted to the utilities M&V regulatory requirements.

To help improve program results, Power TakeOff often works with the utility to screen high opportunity businesses that exhibit significant potential for energy savings based on proprietary algorithms using meter data, third-party data, and industry classification data. This process significantly lowers program delivery costs and risk.

80% of consumers see “energy advisor” status as being an important building block to building trust with their utility.

We use the {Power TakeOff} reports to compare energy demand and consumption before and after projects. It helps to diagnose anomalies in our power usage. We are also able to measure and verify the impact of our energy projects and improvement efforts. We also use the information to study differences in the weather and effects on our utility usage. Jed Field

System Director – Engineering, HealthEast Care System

Power TakeOff provides the real-time energy feedback display for our “Energy Intelligence for Industry” program which provides a new way to engage customers in energy-efficiency. In addition to letting the customers know how much and when they use energy, it allows CEE to analyze the energy use patterns and work with the customer to identify and eliminate energy waste. Kevin Bengtson

Program Manager, CEE

Information provided by the dashboards is used with energy management services to help ECU monitor energy usage, measure and verify energy savings from implemented energy efficiency services, and identify when a deeper operational review might be needed. Jess Lorentz

Principal Consultant, Upkeep Energy

Power Takeoff takes raw building energy data and through the power of reporting, statistical analysis, and visual charting, provides useful information to help the energy team take action and actually save energy. Energy usage data is summarized to provide quick assessments and minimize consulting time to keep the energy management fees to a minimum for ECU. Sam Cohen

AVP of Facilities, Elevations Credit Union