MBCx Energy Advisor

Software driven C&I Behavioral programming allows utilities to capitalize on deep, unrealized efficiency opportunities to meet bold energy efficiency mandates.

Customer Care

Full service web portal to improve customer experience and satisfaction while increasing participation in DSM program offerings.

Real-Time M&V

Turn-key real-time meter and sub-meter M&V with web portal to capture and document program savings.

Utility Partners & Programs

Through our cloud-based Energy Management & Intelligence Software platform, Power TakeOff empowers businesses with the insight to better understand energy usage and drive continuous operational and maintenance improvements which utilities can claim toward their regulated DSM savings goals. We help utilities reach their energy reduction goals through our industry leading MBCx Energy Advisor Behavioral programming which yields persistent low/no cost energy savings for businesses.

With 9 years of investor owned utility program experience in eight states, Power TakeOff understands utility processes, goals, and programs. Our interval data monitoring, analytics, and reporting services not only improve customer understanding of utility billing and energy usage, but also result in increased energy saving achievement and additional participation in prescriptive rebate programs.

Demonstrating the customer satisfaction we provide to non-residential customers, our utility services have a 98% customer retention rate, demonstrating the value of interval data and our user friendly software, intuitive analytic tools, and advanced real-time reporting by email, mailed reports, text message, and phone.

Customer Testimonials

[My] customers use [Power TakeOff] reports to track for sustainability/budgeting goals – they really like them and utilize them. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Account Manager, Xcel Energy

Power TakeOff provides the real-time energy feedback display for our “Energy Intelligence for Industry” program which provides a new way to engage customers in energy-efficiency. In addition to letting the customer know how much and when they use energy, it allows CEE to analyze the energy use patterns and work with the customer to identify and eliminate energy waste.

Program Manager, CEE

The InfoWise from Xcel Energy service, supported by Power TakeOff, empowers customers to make more efficient and cost effective decisions, helps them to prioritize, and informs them on considerations for the biggest paybacks. It has been an invaluable tool for some of our largest customers and the loyalty to the product and its value are very high.

Program Manager, Xcel Energy

{Power TakeOff’s Customer Support} is knowledgeable, and helpful. It was refreshing and enjoyable to work with {them}.  I appreciated their customer service immensely.  One of {the City of Aurora’s} Core values is Customer Service and {Power TakeOff’s Support Team} exemplifies what Customer Service is all about.

Water Treatment Superintendent, City of Aurora