Achieve Sustainability Goals

Measure your organization’s environmental impact

Organizations have many incentives for measuring and monitoring their energy consumption and costs. Among them include the opportunity to track and meet sustainability objectives. Increased consumer and regulatory focus on the environmental impact of energy consumption has forced businesses to start monitoring their greenhouse gas (GHG) impact. Although the U.S. has not adopted a federal carbon tax or GHG cap and trade program, many states and businesses are choosing to voluntarily participate in such programs.

To help business and institutions track their GHG impact from energy consumption, Power TakeOff’s software automatically calculates your organizations’ environmental impact as a unit of carbon produced for every kWh consumed. This feature reduces operational burdens on your sustainability team and helps create employee and customer awareness.

Using our sub-metering capabilities, businesses can also learn the environmental impact of an entire facility or even each unit produced on a production line, such as one bottle of beer, to use in annual sustainability reports.

Interactive Energy Displays

Committing to environmental goals often requires a commitment to transparency of energy usage. To accommodate the general public’s level of energy knowledge, Power TakeOff has developed an easy to use and understand energy dashboard that converts commonly misunderstood values such as kW and kWh into cost information and carbon emission equivalents into annual emissions from passenger vehicles, annual gallons of gasoline consumed, and railcars worth of coal consumed as examples.

To view samples of our fully customizable interactive energy dashboards, call us at 1-800-303-9890 or email us at for more information.