Utility Virtual Account Manager

Empower Customers with Real-Time Alerts, Feedback, & Recommendations

Power TakeOff’s cloud-based, user friendly reporting dashboard compliments existing account managers and marketing outreach, while allowing utilities to significantly enhance service offerings while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Our virtual account management system drives customer engagement and creates utility-customer partnerships through automated, turn-key utility meter data analysis integrated with customer objectives and data. By benchmarking building performance and empowering customers to control energy costs between billing periods, utilities are able to offer low-cost, value driven communication that incentives customers to participate in energy efficiency programming, helping utilities to meet their reduction goals and ultimately lower customer costs.

Utilizing 15 minute interval meter data is one of the best, lowest cost solutions to maximize energy efficiency savings from customers. The frequency of meter reads also enhances results as Power TakeOff is able to push customer alerts and notifications in near real-time. Power TakeOff is meter and hardware agnostic so our software and communication protocol works with any application. We are also an official Green Button provider with utility integration experience allowing for turn-key software release to customers. For IT and meter deployment advice contact us and we’ll share about our experience working with various vendors.