C&I Enterprise Management

Centralize monitoring to easily identify and prioritize underperforming buildings

Whether you’re responsible for one property or one-hundred, managing your facility’s data monitoring points in a centralized, simple to use cloud-based dashboard allows for greater operational insight, leading to deeper savings and improved reliability.

Commercial, industrial, and manufacturing customers’ use Power TakeOff’s reporting system because of the company’s unique ability to monitor and collect data from a wide-range of utility meters, independent hardware, and building operation systems, and render the data into valuable insight that aligns with the customer’s energy management goals.

Benchmarking drives 7% cut in building energy.

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Power TakeOff is an ENERGY STAR Partner

To underscore the effectiveness of benchmarking your property, according to the EPA, of the over 35,000 buildings that used ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, each saved an average of 7% over a three year period. As an ENERGY STAR partner, Power TakeOff helps facilitate customer benchmarking,  enabling the customer to identify and rank those properties with the greatest energy efficiency savings potential. We facilitate this process by syncing with your Portfolio Manager accounts and automatically pushing collected data to your account, thereby eliminating the need to manually upload data each month.

Power TakeOff believes businesses benefit financially by continually improving their management of energy resources, and the environment benefits from reduced levels of related pollution. We are proud to offer services and products that can assist businesses who have committed to the goals of ENERGY STAR.

Data capture is no longer expensive, complex, or inconsistent.

Because Power TakeOff does not manufacture hardware, we’re able to support a wide range of vendors, which allows us to recommend the lowest cost and most reliable solution according to the unique needs and infrastructure of each customer. Therefore, our extensive data capture capabilities can be independently deployed to collect data wirelessly, used in combination with existing hardware, or accept data directly from third party sources.

Interactive Energy Kiosk Dashboards

Driving employee or occupant behavioral change as a tool to lower energy usage in workplace environments is difficult to achieve and sustain over time. To help in this process, Power TakeOff’s interactive, real-time energy kiosk helps turn complex energy data into easy to understand awareness for employees and building occupants that drives responsible energy usage patterns through competitions and motivating factors. View more information on our real-time dashboards.