Schools & Universities

Reduce Operational Costs by educating Students about Energy Use & Impact

Accurate budget planning is essential to schools and universities who receive public funding for support of operations. Downward pressure on operating budgets and increased occupancy further emphasizes the importance of responsible electricity, natural gas, and water use and management. Using Power TakeOff’s energy reporting and analysis software, schools and colleges can accurately establish energy baseline data, compare consumption and demand trends against historical periods, and analyze future energy costs.

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Energy Matters

Increasing attention given to the environmental impacts of energy generation, renewable energy development, and the ‘smart grid’ have spurred significant interest in energy topics among students. Power TakeOff’s natural gas and electricity monitoring software provides students and teachers with an opportunity to explore and learn about how energy is used, its cost, and environmental impact in real-time. This powerful software package can be displayed in cafeterias, dorms, classrooms, or any network accessible TV/monitor to alert students and faculty about the impact of their energy use. We also encourage teachers to visit the specially designed teacher’s section of the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s website that includes lesson plans, activities, science experiments, and field trip ideas.

Recognizing the importance schools and universities play in our communities, Power TakeOff is pleased to support education focused institutions with reduced setup and monthly pricing. This pricing still includes all the same features you’ll need to actively monitor, manage, and impact your energy costs.

For more information about Power TakeOff’s services for schools and universities, call our sales support team at 1-800-303-9890.