Power TakeOff supports many municipalities in driving down energy costs, carbon emissions, and managing the ongoing performance of their facilities. Most commonly, we work with municipal wastewater treatment plants, event centers, office buildings, and schools. Our user friendly, cloud-based dashboard allows for unlimited users and supports a wide range of user objectives from accounting and budgeting to direct energy conservation and building benchmarking.

To assist municipalities seeking to publically disclose energy usage and GHG accountability, Power TakeOff provides a public friendly engagement dashboard that can be displayed online or in buildings. This dashboard graphically depicts energy usage and GHG information in public friendly displays and statistics to better report the municipality’s impact, goals, and energy reduction initiatives.

Power TakeOff will also work with municipalities seeking to roll out mandated energy reporting and benchmarking requirements to buildings over a certain size or within a specific classification. One of the more well-known initiatives is the City Energy Project which is an effort by 10 of the largest cities in the US to develop and impose healthier and more prosperous cities by improving energy efficiency of buildings. To understand the effectiveness of benchmarking and transparent disclosure, a national study by the Institute for Market Transformation found that a national benchmarking and disclosure policy could reduce energy costs by approximately $18 billion by 2020, equal to taking more than 3 million cars off the road each year.