Energy Management & Intelligence Software


Energy Advisor program engages and empowers businesses with analytically driven low/no cost actions to reduce energy and resource costs while adding to utility DSM results.

Customer Care service provides utilities with a full service, centralized web portal for businesses to manage their account changes, analyze energy data, and manage their bills.

Energy Advisor Behavioral Program

Energy Advisor for Utilities

Exceed energy efficiency mandates through Power TakeOff’s industry leading C&I MBCx behavioral programming.

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Customer Care for Utilities

Customer Care for Utilities

Strengthen relationships with your customers through a centralized web portal for businesses to manage their accounts and increase their energy efficiency participation.

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Enterprise Management for Businesses

Benchmark, prioritize, and monitor all your enterprise locations within one easy to use, cloud-based dashboard.

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Real Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring for Businesses

Control your energy costs, improve process efficiency, and drive behavioral change with real-time energy usage feedback.

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Power TakeOff provides commercial, industrial, and manufacturing customers with the control and insight to drive continuous operational improvement. Our industry leading behavioral change programming services for large utility customers help municipal, co-operative, and investor owned utilities meet their energy reduction goals and transform their customer relationship into a partnership.

We drive customer participation and action through a variety of communication channels and behavioral targeted messaging developed from our unique, direct customer experience working alongside building and energy managers.

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