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Celebrating Energy Efficiency Day 2020

On October 7th every year, Power TakeOff joins hundreds of companies and organizations to celebrate Energy Efficiency Day; a collaborative awareness campaign that brings to light the importance and power of energy efficiency to “meet our energy needs, cut consumer bills and reduce pollution.” At Power TakeOff, energy efficiency is at the core of who we are, and across all facets of our company, our employees work to create energy savings for our customers. From rural small businesses to schools, retail facilities and libraries- Power TakeOff works to deliver energy efficiency programs to benefit communities across North America. Today, we looked inward to ask employees across our company how they celebrate energy efficiency in their work.


Behind-the-scenes, many Power TakeOff employees work to develop our software that identifies energy savings for our customer base. Among them is Power TakeOff Developer Operations lead Justin Kehl- who likes to coin his role in IT as a “force multiplier”. Without Justin, our Energy Advisor team would lack the tools they need to do their customer-facing energy efficiency work. When asked what he loves most about his work, he said; “I am always getting to solve new problems, and no day is ever the exact same.” In honor of energy efficiency day, we asked him what his favorite tip is for energy efficiency outside of work, and he said, “Smart lights! I am bad at remembering to turn off the lights, so google does it for me.” 


On the other side of Power TakeOff operations is Program Manager, Keelin Kelly, who works as a liaison between utility partners and our energy advisor team. Previously, Keelin worked as an energy advisor for our national accounts team. “What’s so interesting about our data is seeing how retailers often have inefficiently powered spaces. Due to limited resources, their focus is often on immediate issues and they are unable to identify all of the inefficiencies in their buildings so that’s where being an additional resource for those teams is very rewarding.” When asked about her favorite energy efficiency tip outside of work, Keelin said; “Small electric heaters use an absurd amount of power, so if you have an electric heater, use it sparingly. Bundle up!”.


On Energy Efficiency Day, Power TakeOff is thankful for all of the work of employees in our Kitchener and Denver offices. To learn more about Energy Efficiency Day and how you can get involved, visit the official website, at www.energyefficiencyday.org