Thrill Your Business Accounts with Customer Care

Web Portal

Web portal provides secure 24-7 access to users worldwide. Compatible on any device and all major web browsers.

Energy Management

Track, analyze, export, and benchmark billing and interval meter data to find efficiency opportunities. Alerts and reports help to proactively engage businesses.

Account Management

Sort data by meter, premise, account, or other custom aggregate to streamline user experience. Report service changes or outages or seamlessly integrate to existing provider outage systems.

Bill Management

Integrate with existing bill payment systems while viewing all bills and historical payment information online to simplify user experience.

Secure and reliable 24-7 web based access provides businesses with peace of mind knowing their data is secure and available when they need it. Power TakeOff’s web portal seemingly integrates with your current utility website look and feel, without compromising usability through single source sign in and other capabilities. Unlimited users with custom restriction setting capabilities provides enterprise customers with the ability to effectively manage their assets across multiple departments without effecting their peer users or exposing confidential data.

Our Energy Management & Intelligence Software goes beyond basic ability to view consumption, demand and power factor data and empowers users with a range of analytical features to compare data, normalize data for weather and other variables, benchmark data, export data, and setup alerts and conditional reports to stay informed on unexpected or high usage. To promote participation in energy efficiency utility programs we also provide users with tools to track costs and projects to help calculate their return on investment and avoided costs to give users confidence in their actions.

Key utility accounts and enterprise customers have unique challenges that require dedicated account management support. Through our web based portal, businesses can learn about energy efficiency utility programs, request service changes, report service outages, and aggregate or disaggregate data as needed for web based viewing or export. Conditional reports and alerts help utility Account Managers be proactive in their account management and stay up-to-date on potential energy needs.

We know that large and complex customers can have complicated billing needs because of the large number of accounts they manage, varying rate structures, and varying due dates for bills. Power TakeOff will work with you existing online bill payment provider to provide a holistic solution for your business customers where they can:

  • view past bills and payments,
  • setup and make payments, and
  • receive an explanation of their current bills.

Offering your business customers a holistic, easy to use bill management platform within a web portal is within your reach.

Energy consumers connected to their utility digitally are 14% more satisfied and 21% more likely to participate in an energy management program than non-digital consumers.

We use the {Power TakeOff} reports to compare energy demand and consumption before and after projects. It helps to diagnose anomalies in our power usage. We are also able to measure and verify the impact of our energy projects and improvement efforts. We also use the information to study differences in the weather and effects on our utility usage. Jed Field

System Director – Engineering, HealthEast Care System

Power TakeOff provides the real-time energy feedback display for our “Energy Intelligence for Industry” program which provides a new way to engage customers in energy-efficiency. In addition to letting the customers know how much and when they use energy, it allows CEE to analyze the energy use patterns and work with the customer to identify and eliminate energy waste. Kevin Bengtson

Program Manager, CEE

Information provided by the dashboards is used with energy management services to help ECU monitor energy usage, measure and verify energy savings from implemented energy efficiency services, and identify when a deeper operational review might be needed. Jess Lorentz

Principal Consultant, Upkeep Energy

Power Takeoff takes raw building energy data and through the power of reporting, statistical analysis, and visual charting, provides useful information to help the energy team take action and actually save energy. Energy usage data is summarized to provide quick assessments and minimize consulting time to keep the energy management fees to a minimum for ECU. Sam Cohen

AVP of Facilities, Elevations Credit Union