Utility DSM Programming

Convert meter data into cost recoverable savings

Utilities are increasingly challenged to meet energy efficiency program goals and mandates, particularly among their business customers. The disappearance of low-hanging fruit has created tremendous market opportunities to leverage the detailed data provided by advanced metering infrastructure into cost recoverable solutions. As the largest energy users, and faced with market based incentives to reduce costs, business customers are an ideal fit to deliver energy efficiency savings.

Multiple research studies and pilots suggest a continuous energy monitoring and improvement program reduces usage by at least 5% and on average 15% per year. For large business customers, these savings can be substantial. Due to Power TakeOff’s advanced analysis software and customer engagement tools, program costs to deploy this platform are now minimal and can be used in collaboration with utility account managers.

Having managed a full-service, turn-key DSM business program for Xcel Energy since 2008, Power TakeOff has the experience and reliability to design, implement and deliver an exceptional utility and customer facing service. Our experienced personnel understand the dynamics of DSM programming and utility goals by aligning our services to compliment and cross-promote other DSM programming and rebate opportunities to ensure maximum reach.

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