Identify inefficienct equipment and processes to save energy. Easily report savings to management.

how-we-help-real-time-energy-monitorAs manufacturers know, the same inputs don’t always equal the same output. Yet, without the proper measurement, monitoring, and verification equipment, it’s difficult to identify which inputs are responsible for additional production costs. Power TakeOff’s real-time electricity and natural gas measurement, monitoring, reporting, and analysis software helps to solve this problem.

Real-time energy management empowers facility managers and senior executives to accurately track and correlate energy costs to each individual unit of production or entire production processes. Using Power TakeOff’s electricity and natural gas reporting software, facility managers can now accurately answer financial questions about costs and energy intensity, and help forecast future budget needs.

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Many of our manufacturing customers also enjoy real-time energy alerts, which they can setup various users to receive according to customizable energy thresholds. A real-time email, Daily Energy Monitoringtext, or phone call alert helps facility managers take corrective action before billing is impacted or equipment is damaged. Our customers also appreciate the easy hardware installation options that do not require a facility shut-down and are typically completed by maintenance staff or a certified electrician in 30 minutes.

Best of all, Power TakeOff’s energy monitoring and analysis software is easy to use, offers mobile accessible on smartphones and tablets, and can be setup to have as many users as needed. To learn how Power TakeOff can help improve cost allocation and budgeting, click here, or call us at 1-800-303-9890 to speak with our sales support team.