Industrial Processing

Chemical and mechanical industrial processing requires significant electrical demand and ongoing, reliable consumption in order to power heavy duty equipment. Turning this equipment on and off each day or week requires a well-planned load scheduling strategy. Failure to closely monitor the demand draw from turning the equipment on, leads to unnecessarily high demand charges from your utility each month.

Real-time electricity monitoring by Power TakeOff allows industrial customers to closely monitor their demand peaks and receive real-time alerts via email, text, or voice call. Commonly, users will create an alert that provides a notification when a peak demand is reached within the first 3 minutes of a 15 minute billing cycle, allowing the facility manager or engineer time to reduce unnecessary demand draw and to lower demand changes on the electric bill. Real-time energy alerts can also identify power outages and alert personnel wherever they are, which enable your facility managers and engineers to respond immediately, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

Our hardware’s sub-metering capabilities also allow industrial customers to isolate heavy machinery to identify specific demand and consumption requirements, and look for possible operational inefficiencies or maintenance requirements. Gathering baseline data for specific industrial processes and equipment also improves the ability to evaluate new, more energy efficient equipment to This data is also commonly used by finance and sales departments to more accurately assign costs and pricing to products which use more energy intensive equipment.

Electricity and natural gas monitoring services also help reduce operational expenses which occur during non-operating hours. If your facility operates two shifts during the week and not over the weekend, it’s important to view interval data to identify unnecessary costs from air compressors or equipment that is accidently left on. Interval data in 15 minutes or 1 minute provides the necessary clarity to specifically identify which equipment or processes are causing the avoidable costs.

Keep Water Cost Under Control

Many industrial processes are water intensive. Monitoring water usage in real-time not only provides ability to track water usage with production levels, but real-time alerting can notify you of abnormally high water usage during or after operating hours, so potential leaks can be identified and fixed quickly to avoid water damage and an unexpectedly high water bill.