Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Protecting Patients with Responsible Facility Management

No industry understands the importance of real-time data more than hospitals and medical facilities which rely on streams of patient data to make life saving decisions. Though energy and water data doesn’t have the same impact, it does affect the quality of service provided by the doctors and medical technicians who serve the community. Power TakeOff’s energy monitoring services alert building engineers and managers when there is a loss of power or natural gas service, ensuring patient comfort is met and experts are able to perform treatment on-time.

Hospitals and medical facilities are often large buildings or campuses that operate around the clock. Given the sensitive, climate controlled work environment that must be maintained at all times, hospitals are prone to high energy costs that are routinely written off as an unavoidable operational expense. However, with accurate electricity measurement and monitoring, facility managers can protect against power surges to sensitive lab equipment, identify inefficient equipment scheduling processes, isolate buildings with high energy intensity scores per sq. ft., and verify cost savings of energy efficiency projects.

Since many hospitals and medical facilities operate as non-profits, diverting costs away from operational expenses and toward patient services is critical to improve patient care.

Monitor & Verification

Due to the 24-7 operations of hospitals, it can be difficult to measure and verify the cost savings achieved from retro commissioning projects. However, using Power TakeOff’s monthly or daily monitoring and analysis services, facility managers can now easily identify daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly cost savings from energy efficiency upgrades. Our weather normalization data feature provides customers with an accurate understanding of energy use fluctuations that eliminate variations in weather temperature.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Certification

Power TakeOff’s integration with the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager easily allows users to upload their data and receive an ENERGY STAR score for their facilities. This feature saves users valuable time by eliminating the need to track down and manually key in raw interval data. Furthermore, this growing standard is widely recognized and accepted as a valuable tool to monitor the ongoing year after year performance of a facility.